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PM100 Production-line Digital Power Meter

Dedicated for production-line testing and system integration

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PM100 Digital Power Meter

Basic power accuracy0.1%
Voltage, current resolution150mV/50uA
Current range of direct input ( the crest factor is 3)5mA、10mA、20mA、50mA、100mA、200mA、0.5A、1A、2A、5A、10A、20A
Current range of direct input ( the crest factor is 3)15V、30V、60V、150V、300V、600V
Number of items displayedDisplay the values of 3 items simultaneously.
Auto range in the integration measurement and the integration modeSupported
RS-232 communication interfaceStandard configuration
IO detection for communication interfaceStandard configuration
Line filter, frequency filterStandard configuration

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Suitable for standby power measurement

Measures the minimum current as low as 50A;

Measures the ultra-low standby power consumtion of 0.01W;

Complies with the international standards (IEC62301, Energy Star, SPECpower).

Production-line testing of power supplies and home appliances

With its 0.1% power measurement accuracy, PM100 digital power meter is able to accurately measure the power of home appliances such as television, air-conditioner, refrigerator, as well as power products such as switching power supply, charger, effectively assessing whether the device is working properly, and whether the device is stable enough.

System integration testing

For system integration, PM100 provides I/O detection interface for users to set the upper and lower limits of voltage, current, power and other parameters and to judge, and also provides alarm function, effectively avoiding fatigue, misjudgment and inefficiency problems caused by traditional manual judgment.

Standard 19/2 inch, 2U mechanical dimensions enables user to select another installation rack to mount the power meter.

RS-232 interface for more convenient data transmission.