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  1. Frequency-conversion power meter measurement scheme for household appliances
    Global warming has gradually become a hot topic among people. Not only does it cause public concern, but also the industry goes into action to vigorously promote energy-saving and the use of alternative energy sources.
  2. High current equipment power meter measurement
    "All-electric" has come into our life imperceptibly, for example, kitchen appliances, water heaters and other household appliances are driven by electric power.With the growth of market demand, IH (induction heating) electromagnetic oven with its safer performance gradually replace the gas stove...
  3. Lighting fixture power measurement
    Home lighting fixtures are need be tested strictly by the measuring equipments in leaving factory. When the lights under normal operation or in a particular mode, the voltage...
  4. Dust collector power meter measurement
    Human beings are able to survive because of heart beating, and the vacuum cleaner is as the same. If the “heart” is good, the vacuuming would be better...