ZDS1000 Series

“Small and Convenient” Basic R&D Oscilloscope

ModelsAnalog bandwidth Number of channelsSampling rate Memory depthWaveform capture rate Protocol decodingNumber of FFT analysis pointsParameter measurement statisticsFIR filter
ZDS1104100M41G28M50Kwfms/s17 kinds100K51 kinds7-inch touch screen
ZDS107470M41G28M50Kwfms/s17 kinds100K51 kinds7-inch touch screen

Mass storage, zooming freely

Only if the memory depth is sufficient, the sampling rate of oscilloscope can be fully utilized and more realistic and delicate waveforms can be observed. The ZDS1104 oscilloscope features standard 28M memory depth, which allows users to observe 7.5 hours of waveforms at 1K sampling rate!

Protocol decoding, easy to get

The protocol signal debugging cares about not only the waveform quality, but also the data corresponded to waveforms, whereas the protocol decoding function is always used as a paid option for the oscilloscope. The ZDS1014 oscilloscope is unprecedentedly equipped with 17 kinds of protocol decoding for free, including UART, SPI, I2C, USB, PS/2, DALI, Wiegand, 1-Wire, DS18B20, HDQ, SD_SPI, SD_SD, Manchester, Diff-Manche, Miller, DHT11, and SHT11. The protocol debugging is easy to get.

Signal spectrum, no loss

The FFT function is particularly important for the interference source location in circuits. However, the FFT analysis results are meaningless without sufficient FFT analysis frequency points. The ZDS1104 oscilloscope upgrades the number of FFT analysis points to 100k for the first time. Its frequency resolution can be accurate to 10KHz under the same sampling rate of 1G.

Parameter measurement, nothing will be missed

Different from traditional oscilloscopes which only measure one period or use re-measurement mode by reducing samples, the ZDS1104 oscilloscope measures every period of each frame of the waveform through FPGA full hardware parallel processing based on original sampling rate and 28Mpts full memory depth. It supports the measurement items as many as 51 kinds and the simultaneous display of 24 parameters.

Small and compact, touch to operate

Users can control waveforms easily through the compact 7-inch screen on machine body, while the 2.4Kg machine body enables the oscilloscope as ubiquitous as a laptop, and creates infinite possibilities for a variety of application scenarios.