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Industrial ZigBee Ethernet Gateway


The ZBNET-300C-U developed by ZHIYUAN Electronics is a ZigBee-to-Ethernet gateway device which features industrial standard design. It achieves high-speed transparent transmission between ZigBee network and Ethernet, connects ZigBee LAN into the internet quickly without secondary development, realizes ZigBee remote control as well as data acquisition and supports communication with the ZM5168 ZigBee module.

The device uses a high-power ZigBee RF transceiver to achieve higher receiving sensitivity and 2.5Km horizon communication distance. It can be quickly used through software configuration to save manpower and development time, which makes the products came to the market more quickly with strong competitiveness.

IoT Makes Everything Interconnect
The ZBNET gateway is a necessary device for the ZigBee LAN to access the Ethernet and is widely used in industrial automation, intelligent plants, intelligent building, and other IoT fields.
ZigBee Network Instantly Accesses the Internet
The device integrates the robust fastZigBee networking transparent transmission protocol, and network topology of different forms can be built freely. In addition, it can be used as the gateway base station of a large-scale ZigBee network to make the ZigBee network easily access the Ethernet.
Transparent Transmission
The device adopts transparent transmission, namely, the data received by the ZigBee wireless terminal and the Ethernet data have the same content and length. Additionally, users do not need to study and understand the complicated ZigBee protocol stack and Ethernet protocol.
Quality Signals Reaching Everywhere
The device is designed for complex industrial environments. To improve the signal quality and increase signal intensity and penetration effectively, it adopts an enhanced wireless RF power amplifier and a strictly tested external antenna. Multiple protection measures ensure smooth and strong signals of networked devices.
Details Lead to Success
By testing and adjusting RF parameters of various accurate instruments, ZBNET series devices ensure the optimal matching of RF transmitting and receiving circuits. The coverage radius of ZigBee network can reach 2.5km. In addition, it supports wireless relay function and is suitable for large-scale networks.
Software Configuration and No Coding Required for Networking
The ZigBee wireless parameters and Ethernet can be configured by dedicated software, and no coding is required to realize networking with ease.
Flexible Ethernet Application Topology
Users can configure Ethernet parameters flexibly through configuration software according to the applications and realize different types of Ethernet topology.
Typical applications are shown in the figure: Ethernet terminal supports TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, and Real COM modes.
Support for Various Development Environments
This provides effective and easy secondary development functions for user applications, and supports various development environments including VC, C#, LabView, Linux, etc.
Strict Quality Control
  • Frequency spectrum analysis test

    Ensures wireless transmission performance
  • Wireless network analysis

    Optimize wireless network performance
  • Antenna standing wave test

    Ensures antenna quality and consistency
  • EMC test

    Electrostatic surge and group pulse
  • Industrial network communication test

    Communication port stress and networking test
  • High speed and high frequency test

    Impedance characteristics and signal integrity test
  • Safety test

    Voltage withstand, electrical insulation, leakage current, and other tests
  • Temperature and humidity test

    Industrial level: -40 to +85°C
  • High-temperature aging test

    +85°C aging and filter