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Industrial ZigBee Serial Server


The ZBCOM-300IE developed by ZHIYUAN Electronics is a RS-232/485/422 serial port-to-ZigBee device which uses industrial ZigBee dedicated RF processor. It supports serial port transparent transmission mode to set up ZigBee wireless network without secondary development and supports communication with the ZM5168 ZigBee module.

The device uses a high-power ZigBee RF transceiver to achieve higher receiving sensitivity and 2.5Km communication distance. It realizes wireless serial device easily, avoids layout problems and saves manpower as well as development time, which makes the products came to the market more quickly with strong competitiveness.

The Best Choice for You
  • Faster boot-up speed.
  • Shorter transmission delay.
  • Higher transmitting and receiving efficiency.
  • Further transmission distance.
  • More choices for users.
  • Offers the ultimate user experience.
From Wired to Wireless
The ZBCOM-300IE converts wired transmission into wireless, makes the complex wired network wireless, and reduces the wiring difficulty.
Integrated with RS-232/485/422
The ZBCOM-300IE is integrated with RS-232/485/422 serial ports, which can be switched flexibly with a DIP switch.
Robust ZigBee Networking Protocol
The module integrates the robust networking transmission protocol. Moreover, it can build the network topology of different models, featuring strong practicability, high transmission rate, reliable and stable performance, simple secondary development, and a flexible engineering network layout.
Transparent Transmission
The fastZigBee adopts transparent transmission, namely, the data sent by the sender and the data received by the receiver have the same content and length. This is equivalent to a part of an invisible transmission line.
The advantage of transparent transmission is that users can create the desired protocol format based on it and will not be limited to use the third party protocols.
Details Lead to Success
By testing and adjusting RF parameters of various accurate instruments, ZM5168 ensure the optimal matching of RF transmitting and receiving circuits. In addition, the maximum communication distance of the high-power module measured exceeds 2.5km.
Making Signal Penetration Performance Superior
To improve signal quality and increase signal intensity and penetration effectively, this integrates Skyworks enhanced wireless RF power amplifier and scientific antenna layout. In addition, multiple protection measures ensure smooth and strong signals of networked devices.
Software Parameter Configuration and No Coding Required for Networking
All parameters of the ZM5168 can be configured by the dedicated ZigBee configuration tool and no coding is required to realize the ZigBee wireless networking communication with ease.
Remote Configuration
The device not only can be directly connected via the PC for configuration purposes, but also it can be configured remotely via the wireless network. This provides great convenience for network debugging and construction.
2,000 VDC Electrical Isolation Interface
The RS-232/485/422 uses 2,000VDC electrical isolation interface and integrates 2kV surge protection. In addition, the power supply and serial port provide EMC reliability protection (ESD, EFT, and SURGE reach level-3 protection).
RF simulation laboratory to ensure the quality of wireless communication products