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Industrial ZigBee Wireless Communication Module


ZM516x developed by ZHIYUAN Electronics is a low power and high performance ZigBee module based on NXP JN5168 wireless microcontroller. It provides a complete application integration solution based on IEEE802.15.4 standard ISM band.

The module has been inspected and verified by the authoritative RF devices. Combined with years of marketing experience and actual demands of users in this industry, ZHIYUAN Electronics integrates the extremely complex communication protocols of wireless products into the built-in MCU and greatly simplifies the development process of wireless products, which makes the products came to the market more quickly with a lower cost and strong competitiveness.

Extraordinary and Sophisticated Hardware
Our only goal is to create
the excellent industrial products for you
  • NXP high performance wireless microcontroller.
  • Device created by muRata components.
  • Skyworks wireless RF amplifier.
  • Accurate detection with Agilent series RF instrument.
Invigorated by the Wireless Network Transparent Transmission Protocol
Development by users may have many problems due to the complexity of the wireless protocol. Combined with years of marketing experience and actual demands of users in this industry, ZHIYUAN Electronics refines 80% of the actual application demands and 90% of the time consumed in protocol development into two sets of practical networking transparent transmission protocol, and presents it to customers.
Protocol Features
  • Excellent device boot-up speed, response speed, and data transmission rate.
  • The actual number of terminal nodes in the network can reach 65,535.
  • The power consumption of terminal node is as low as 100nA, which is lower than that of all Zigbee modules in the market.
  • Support for multi-stage relay function.
  • The network has self-adjustment and self-healing capabilities.
  • Support for multi-channel remote IO and remote AD.
  • Supports short address function and free modification with user applications.
  • Larger link budget.
Protocol Features
  • Based on the JenNet-IP protocol standard.
  • Sampling 128-bit IPv6 protocol independent address.
  • Network features self-networking, self-adjustment, and self-recovery.
  • Support for multi-role configuration of coordinator, router, and terminal.
Robust FastZigBee Networking Protocol
The module integrates a robust networking transmission protocol, and can build a polymorphic network topology. In addition, it features strong practicability, high transmission rate, reliable and stable performance, simple secondary development as well as flexible engineering network layout.
Transparent Transmission
The fastZigBee adopts transparent transmission, namely the data that is sent by the sender and the data received by the receiver has the same content and length, which is equivalent to a part of an invisible transmission line.
The advantage of transparent transmission is that users can create the desired protocol format based on it and will not be limited to use the third party protocols.
Support for Multi-Industry Wireless Protocol Stack
Details Lead to Success
By testing and adjusting RF parameters of various accurate instruments, ZM516x ensures the optimal matching of RF transmitting and receiving circuits. In addition, the maximum communication distance of high-power module measured exceeds 2.5km.
Making Signal Penetration Performance Superior
To improve signal quality and increase signal intensity and penetration effectively, this integrates Skyworks enhanced wireless RF power amplifier and scientific antenna layout. In addition, multiple protection measures ensure smooth and strong signals of networked devices.
Sleep Power Consumption Is As Low As 100nA
Better than 100% of current ZigBee modules and suitable for occasions having high requirements on power consumption.
Serial Operation Makes the Design Simpler
The module uses UART serial port as the user MCU control and transparent transmission interface. It is equivalent to the wireless serial port of the user MCU.
Software Parameter Configuration and No Coding Required for Networking
All parameters of the ZM516x can be configured by the dedicated ZigBee configuration tool, and no coding is required for realizing ZigBee wireless networking communication with ease.
RF simulation laboratory to ensure the quality of wireless communication products
On-site Examples