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ZLG600A Series RFID Card Reader Module


ZLG600A series is the 13.56MHz card reader module developed based on Fudan micro-platform. It is compliant with ISO14443 and ISO7816 standards, supports Mifare card, CPU card and contact SAM card. Users can use several simple serial commands to complete RFID card reading/writing function without knowing the underlying registers. Due to the small size, easy-to-use, reliability and other features of ZLG600A series module, users may apply the contact/contactless IC card technology to a product easily and conveniently.

Supports multiple international card reader protocols
Supported standards: ISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO7816.
Supports contactless card and contact card
Supports long-distance card reading
The card reading distances of common S50 and S70 are 7cm, and those of identity cards are 3cm.
Supports dual antennas
In addition to its own integrated antenna, the module can also use an external antenna to implement dual-antenna design.
RF simulation laboratory to ensure the quality of wireless communication products