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RS-232 -to- WiFi Module

Series Model:WM6232

WM6232 series product is a high-performance Wi-Fi module with low power consumption, which is specially developed by ZLG ZHIYUAN Electronics for Industry 4.0. Built with a 100MHz Cortex-M4 core processor, the product adopts Broadcom’s wireless design. As it complies with the IEEE 802.11b/g/n protocol, users can realize rapid networking without prior knowledge about the complicated TCP/UDP and wireless network protocols.

The module is tested and certified by a series of authoritative RF instruments. It adopts the RS-232 interface module design and supports serial port transparent transmission mode, Modbus protocol, and other standard transmission modes. In addition, it provides user-defined protocol and customized function, which is very suitable for distributed PV, air conditioner monitoring and maintenance as well as industrial device networking, etc.

Provides one-stop industrial Wi-Fi application solution
At present, the performance of WiFi modules varies greatly in the industrial field. How to choose a stable and reliable WiFi module is a difficult problem for many engineers. WM6232 series module adopts the design of Broadcom, the world’s largest WiFi manufacturer, to provide customers with one-stop industrial Wi-Fi application solution, which greatly reduces the difficulty of applications. Its excellent hardware performance and stable wireless protocol have been favored by industrial applications!
Application of WM6232 in the distributed PV system
WM6232 series module is suitable for various industrial fields, such as distributed PV, air conditioner monitoring and maintenance, and industrial device networking, etc. Especially in the distributed PV industry, it makes breakthrough in solving such difficult problems, for example, Wi-Fi intermittent connectivity, no data connection, poor through-wall capability and environmental adaptive capability.
Dual-antenna design for improving through-wall performance and environmental adaptive capability
The module uses the dual-antenna design for a complex industrial environment. The matching of antenna has been tested strictly, therefore, the signal quality is maximally optimized, the signal strength and penetrability are effectively enhanced, and the adaptive capability to different environment is greatly improved so as to enjoy a barrier-free and strong signal!
High-speed transparent transmission for serial port without any frame loss
WM6232 has a RS-232 serial port. Users may convert the RS-232 serial port into a Wi-Fi connection, making the device quickly access to Wi-Fi network. The module supports transparent transmission mode by default. This product adopts AWorks platform architecture from ZHIYUAN Electronics, which can provide quick customization service according to user requirements in terms of product interaction protocol.
Support for AP & Station Mode
In addition to the common AP mode and Station mode, the module also supports the simultaneous operation of AP & Station mode. Once connected to the router, the module may be used as a hot spot to connect to other devices. For example, the wireless connection may be easily accessed as it is in operation.
8-channel TCP links support for simultaneous multi-user management
WM6232 supports the setup of 8-channel TCP links at the same time, so that multiple management centers can manage and monitor a device simultaneously.
Virtual serial port working mode for seamless upgrade of serial device
In addition to the common TCP Sever/TCP Client/UDP working modes, the module also supports the virtual serial port mode. By converting the TCP link generated by the WiFi module to the virtual serial port on a PC, users may directly operate the device through serial port software. For the former user devices with serial port connection, they can be seamlessly upgraded into a wireless connection without the need to modify the upper computer software.
Various configuration modes ensure greater flexibility
The module supports the proprietary software, web pages, AT command, and remote wireless configuration, thus meeting various user requirements.
Security encryption for multiple-level user data protection
In the process of communication, the device will both consider stable data transmission and ensure the security and confidentiality of user data, without causing any error, instability, or loss of data. The WM6232 adopts the DES/3DES data encryption standard to safeguard user data.
User-centered, rapid response to customized requirements
This product design is based on the AWorks platform software architecture from ZHIYUAN Electronics. Users can not only use the existing function, but also make product customized requirements for their application. The module stability is guaranteed by the AWorks platform. Since the underlying architecture is unchanged, the overall performance of the product will not be affected by individual modification. Note: For customization, please contact the sales of your local branch. We will immediately evaluate the customized solutions for you.
Web Server can be defined flexibly
WM6232 series module supports Web server function. This service can be customized according to user's business logic, such as acquisition and control parameter setting, module configuration modification, data record query and statistics. Users can obtain all information easily by connecting the Web Server within the module through a browser.
RF simulation laboratory to ensure the quality of wireless communication products
  • Frequency spectrum analysis test

    Ensures wireless transmission performance
  • Wireless network analysis

    Optimize wireless network performance
  • Antenna standing wave test

    Ensures antenna quality and consistency
  • EMC test

    Static, surge and group pulse
  • Industrial network communication test

    Communication port stress and networking test
  • High speed and high frequency test

    Impedance characteristics and signal integrity test
  • Safety test

    Voltage withstand, electrical insulation, leakage current, and other tests
  • Temperature and humidity test

    Industrial level: -40°C to +85°C
  • High-temperature aging test

    +85°C aging and filter