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Industrial External GPRS Wireless Data Transmission Unit

Model:ZWG series

The DTU is an important device to build a remote wireless data acquisition system. Its main function is to build a transparent data channel between serial devices of users and remote computers. The DTU usually has a serial port (UART, CAN-bus, etc.). In addition, user devices on site perform transparent data communication with computers in the monitoring center via the serial port of the DTU, thereby realizing the remote monitoring of devices.

The DTU can be divided into RS232, RS485/422, and UART-TTL by interfaces, into embedded module and stand-alone device by device forms, and into basic, enhanced, and low power consumption types by functions.

Creating the Most Cost-effective DTU Products based on a Decade of Experience
The ZWG-20IE breaks conventional expensive hardware architecture and adopts the most cost-effective scheme. Together with the DTU software platform developed ZHIYUAN Electronics based on a decade of experience, it has been widely praised for its stable performance and competitive price. Moreover, it provides quick wireless networking solutions for charging piles, elevator network monitoring, traffic signal systems, weather and environmental monitoring, oil and gas pipeline network monitoring, and other industries.
Fully Isolated RS-232/485/TTL Interface Design
The serial port of the device supports RS-232, RS-485, and TTL communication. In addition, users can set configurations through the software according to actual demands. The interface is a fully isolated industrial-grade design and is suitable for different industrial environments. 
Device Details
SIM card slot, power interface, USB interface, and antenna interface
High-speed Bidirectional Transparent Transmission
The embedded industrial GPRS module realizes high-speed bidirectional transparent transmission between RS-232/485/TTL and the GPRS network. The maximum baud rate of serial port is 115,200 bps
Supporting ModBus SMS Mode
he device supports ModBus SMS. It is plug and play, and users do not need to change the original ModBus communication protocol. Meanwhile, the wireless alarm function can be extended quickly on the original system, and up to 20 messages and 5 preset numbers can be saved
Intelligent Traffic Savings
The controllable connection timing function maximizes traffic savings and minimizes communication cost
Easily Accessible Data Center
Data center supports access via dynamic DNS or public IP
Large Data Cache
Holds up to 10MB data cache with dynamic partitioning technology, efficient cache utilization, and zero data loss.
Graphical Configuration Interface
The device is equipped with a dedicated graphical configuration tool, which is ready-to-use. Users do not need to understand complex TCP/IP, PPP, and other protocols.
Remote Configuration and Maintenance
The DTU supports remote configuration via a configuration tool. Additionally, it supports remote configuration and maintenance via SMS (e.g. if the server fails, configure and switch data centers via SMS). This allows the device to be adjusted anywhere at any time.
Driver Integration for Mainstream Configuration Software
Integrates drivers for mainstream configuration software, ensuring simple use.
upport for Various Development Environments
Provides effective and easy-to-use secondary development functions for user applications, and supports various development environments including VC, C#, LabView, Linux, and more.