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Industrial External 3G Wireless Data Transmission Unit

Models:ZWD series and ZWW series

The 3G series Wireless Data Transmission Unit (DTU) developed and produced by Guangzhou ZHIYUAN Electronics provides transparent data channels and realizes remote wireless network-based communication conveniently, enabling your device to be connected to the Internet easily and wirelessly.

The 3G series DTU features wide network coverage (available in places where mobile phones can be used), flexible and quick networking (install and play), low operating costs (traffic accounting), and more. It can be applied to power systems, industrial monitoring, traffic management, weather, water treatment, environmental monitoring, financial securities, coal, petroleum, and other industries.

Stable, quick, and classic
Device Details
SIM card slot, power interface, USB interface, and antenna interface
High-speed Bidirectional Transparent Transmission
The embedded industrial 3G module realizes high-speed bidirectional transparent transmission between RS-232/485 and the 3G network, and the maximum baud rate of the serial port is 921,600 bps.
Intelligent Traffic Savings
The controllable connection timing function maximizes traffic savings and minimizes communication cost.
Easily Accessible Data Center
Data center supports access via dynamic DNS or public IP
Large Data Cache
Holds up to 10MB data cache with dynamic partitioning technology, efficient cache utilization, and zero data loss
Graphical Configuration Interface
The device is equipped with a dedicated graphical configuration tool, which is ready-to-use. Users do not need to understand complex TCP/IP, PPP, and other protocols
Remote Configuration and Maintenance
The DTU supports remote configuration via a configuration tool. Additionally, it supports remote configuration and maintenance via SMS (e.g. if the server fails, configure and switch data centers via SMS). This allows the device to be adjusted anywhere at any time
Driver Integration for Mainstream Configuration Software
Integrates drivers for mainstream configuration software, ensuring simple use
Support for Various Development Environments
Provides effective and easy-to-use secondary development functions for user applications, and supports various development environments including VC, C#, LabView, Linux, and more