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Universal Sub-GHz Wireless Communication Module

Model:ZM4xxS series

The ZM4xxS series module is an industrial RF wireless communication module developed by ZLG ZHIYUAN Electronics based on Silicon Labs Si443x series RF IC. The strict RF calibration and verification as well as precision machining production process ensure product consistency. Meanwhile, the carrier frequency and transmitting power of the module can be adjusted by users freely according to actual applications. Multiple free frequency band standards are covered to meet the demands of different areas. Due to its outstanding price performance ratio, it is widely used in smart meter reading systems, security, wireless sensor networks, intelligent buildings, and other fields.

Currently Most Cost-effective 470/433M Wireless Module
Maximum Communication Distance Exceeds 1km
The module is integrated with a power amplifier up to +20dBm and provides eight adjustable power levels ranging from 1 to 20dBm. Users can adjust signal coverage freely according to the application environment to achieve the balance between it and the power consumption of the product.
It supports low duty cycle (LDC) mode and is suitable for low power consumption applications
When this mode is enabled for the module, it will detect the boot code regularly in a short amount of time. When the data is received, the IRQ pin will be pulled down to notify the MCU, communicate with the sender, and then return to LDC mode after finishing communication. This function is especially suitable for occasions powered by batteries.
Data Transmission between High-speed SPI Interface and MCU
The module is connected to the user MCU via the SPI interface. Different antenna connection modes are available and users can connect external antennas according to the actual demand of the product.
Complying with ISM Free Frequency Band Standards
The ZM4xxS series module supports multiple ISM free frequency band standards, such as 433 MHz and 470 MHz. Users can adjust the carrier frequency in a certain bandwidth through software according to actual demand.
Supporting Common Modulation Modes
The module supports common modulation modes such as FSK, GFSK, and OOK.
RF Simulation Laboratory to Ensure the Quality of Wireless Communication Products
  • Frequency spectrum analysis test

    Ensures wireless transmission performance
  • Wireless network analysis

    Optimize wireless network performance
  • Antenna standing wave test

    Ensures antenna quality and consistency
  • EMC test

    Electrostatic surge and group pulse
  • Industrial network communication test

    Communication port stress and networking test
  • High speed and high frequency test

    Impedance characteristics and signal integrity test
  • Safety test

    Voltage withstand, electrical insulation, leakage current and other tests
  • Temperature and humidity test

    Industrial level: -40 to +85°C
  • High-temperature aging test

    +85 °C aging and filter