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ZigBee Wireless Core Module


The AW series ZigBee wireless core modules are a series of wireless products developed by ZHIYUAN Electronics. Combined with years of marketing experience and the actual demands of users in this industry, the product integrates different levels of processors as well as existing, stable and reliable ZigBee network protocol, which can support quick secondary development by users.

The biggest advantage of the product is that users can quickly convert their creativity and ideas into products based on the AMetal bare-metal software development platform. This greatly simplifies the development process of wireless products, which makes the products came to the market more quickly at a lower cost. Thanks to its minimalist development process, it has unique advantages in this era of rapid product updated.

What are people complaining about in ZigBee secondary development?
Module Integrates the Ready-made and Stable ZigBee Wireless Protocol
Development by users may have many problems due to the complexity of the wireless protocol. Combined with years of marketing experience and actual demands of users in this industry, ZHIYUAN Electronics refines 80% of the actual application demands and 90% of the time consumed in protocol development into a set of practical networking transparent transmission protocol FastZigBee. This is embedded into the RF controller of the ZigBee wireless core module, and users do not need to learn anything about the ZigBee wireless protocol.
You are Wireless Expert As Long As You Know C Language
The AW series ZigBee wireless core module provides differentiated models, all of which support quick secondary development based on the AMetal platform. Users only need to focus on the application implementation, and make their products came to the market more quickly.
ProcessorARM Cortex-M0+ARM Cortex-M4
Main Frequency30MHz100MHz
Transmitting Power20dBm20dBm
Receiving Sensitivity-95dBm-95dBm
ZigBee ProtocolFastZigBeeFastZigBee
Antenna FormIPEX interfaceIPEX interface
Evaluation Base PlateAM824ZBAW54101ZB
What Exactly Is AMetal?
After years of theoretical exploration and practice, ZLG has successfully built the AMetal bare-metal software development platform. The most prominent feature of AMetal is to provide a set of standardized software interface specifications and re-abstract functional parts of the MCU. Whether users adopt ARM, DSP, or x86, the standard interface functions remain unchanged. There is no need to learn anything about MCU or OS. You can convert your ideas into products quickly as long as you know the C language.Learn more >>>>
Evaluation Kit
To ensure that users can evaluate the products quickly, we provide easy-to-use and feature-rich evaluation kits, including main control base plates of different models and common peripheral optional components with standard interfaces. Users can assemble to form the prototypes quickly to seize market opportunities.
Extended Module
RF simulation laboratory to ensure the quality of wireless communication products