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CAN Card for CPCI Interface

The CPCI-9820I CAN card is fully compliant with PICMG2.1R2.0 specifications, comes with a high-performance CAN interface card of 2-channel CAN interfaces. By plugging the CAN card for CPCI into IPC, it can be connected to the CAN network to acquire and process data.

The interface card is an industrial-grade product, is equipped with a magnetic coupling isolation module which can avoid grounding circulation damage and has such powerful antistatic and anti-surge functions that it is still usable in extreme environments. It has high communication speed and instantaneity.

The CAN card support Win2000/XP/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 operating systems.

Product Selection

FeaturesHigh speed and low latencyHigh speed and low latency
CAN channels2 channels2 channels
Interface typeDB9 portDB9 port
Electrical isolation
Industrial grade
Data reception capability14000 frames/second (each channel)14000 frames/second (each channel)
Data transmission capability4000 frames/second (each channel)4000 frames/second (each channel)
Windows system drivesupportedsupported
Linux system drivesupportedsupported
Vxworks drivesupportedsupported

Stable, Reliable and Widely Applicable

The CAN interface of this series has been proven to be reliable and stable by stringent verification and it has been widely applied to high-speed railways, metros, aerospace, navigation, etc. The application of railway computer interlocking system is shown in the following picture.

2-Channel 2500V DC Electrical Isolation

2-channel CAN interface with 2500VDC electrical isolation and ±8KV electrostatic discharge

130,000-frame Super Buffer with no Frame Loss

High-performance type with full-load reception capability at any Baud rate; 130,000-frame super buffer with no frame loss as the top priority

Compliant with CAN2.0B Specification

CAN protocol is fully compliant with CAN2.0B specification and ISO11898-1/2 and compatible with CAN2.0A. Users can choose CANBridge-1054 to support fault-tolerant CAN standard of ISO11898-3.

CAN Baud Rate Can Be Set at Random within 1Mbps

CAN Baud rate can be set at random in the range of 5kbps to 1Mbps.

Supports Various Development Environments

It has effective and easy secondary development function and supports various development environments such as VC, C#, Labview, LINUX etc.

Powerful CANtest Testing and Analyzing Software

1.Select device Baud rate, channel number and operating mode to start CAN card.

2.Perform automatic reception after startup. A single-frame transmission can be achieved in a basic operation. Users can set continuous storage for long-term testing.

3.For advanced operations, 100 frames can be predefined; the transmission counts and intervals can also be set.

Secondary Development Function Library

All CAN cards from ZHIYUAN Electronics share the same PC secondary development function library (supporting major development environments like VC, VB, C#, LINUX, Labview, LabWindows and Delphi 7), and users can freely switch interfaces just by modifying device types.