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CANalyst-II+ High-layer Protocol Analyzer

The CANalyst-II+ analyzer is a professional analysis tool for installing, developing, testing, maintaining and managing the CAN-bus network and has universal operation and comprehensive function. The analyzer supports Wind98/Me/2K/XP/Wind7/Wind8/Wind10 operating systems. It is integrated with 2 independent CAN-bus channels that comply with ISO11898 standard and can process CAN2.0A/B CAN messages and provide powerful analysis function. The CANalyst-II+ analyzer is equipped with USB interfaces. With its small size and hot pluggable function, the analyzer is very suitable for acquiring data on site and detecting network status.

The CANPro protocol analysis platform software is the standard software for CANalyst-II+ and supports CAN/DeviceNet/CANopen/SAE J1939 protocol analysis.

Ashes Reborn
The supporting hardware is upgraded to CANalyst-II+ from CANalyst-II

“It’s not important what we’ve done but whether we’ve brought a zero-to-one change to the world with every innovation.”

High-speed USB2.0 Interface; compatible with USB3.0 and USB1.1

12-Channel CAN Interface with 2500VDC Electrical Isolation
±8KV Electrostatic Discharge

Powerful Analysis Software

Powerful functions such as interception, error detection, message transmission, bus load, DBC protocol analysis, curve analysis, data playback, and timing transmission are provided for on-site CAN messages.

Supports CANopen, DeviceNet, J1939 protocol analysis and protocol data transmission

Supports vehicular DBC decoding, CANopen, J1939 protocol, state grid charging piles and BMS protocol analysis

Supports bus Baud rate detection
Unknown Baud rate of bus can be easily acquired.

Supports bus load rate monitoring

Supports accurate timing transmission

The CANPro1.50 version is newly added with the timing transmission function. The timing transmission function enables CANalyst-II+ to send data regularly according to user-defined settings. It is also used for heartbeat messages and synchronous message transmission of protocols such as CANopen.

Supports error information list
Acquire bus health status from the underlying layer of CANalyst-II+

Supports curve analysis for variables after importing DBC file

Supports real-time data storage, import and export
Facilitates long-term testing and data analysis

Supports data playback function
Users can record all data of the testing bus and perform playback via CANalyst-II+.