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CANScope CAN Bus Analyzer

CANScope CAN Bus analyzer is a comprehensive and professional CAN Bus development and test tool, which is integrated with mass storage oscilloscope, network analyzer, bit error rate (BER) analyzer, protocol analyzer and reliability testing tools. Moreover, it organically integrates and connects different instruments; redefines the development and testing method of CAN bus; and evaluates the correctness, reliability, and rationality of CAN network communication from multiple angles. Furthermore, it helps users to quickly locate faulty nodes and solve any problems concerning the CAN bus application, which enables it to become the ultimate tool for CAN bus development and test.

CANScope CAN Bus Analyzer

Using the powerful analysis software of CANScope CAN bus analyzer, users can easily and accurately troubleshoot and prevent more than 95% of CAN-bus problems with the guidance of “Ten-step Troubleshooting Method of CAN-bus” in CAN-bus Fault Diagnosis and Solution (Professional). Meanwhile, users can solve all CAN-bus problems via the guidance and on-site service of CAN-bus experts from ZHIYUAN Electronics.

A nationally renowned tool for the troubleshooting and solving of CAN-bus problems

It has removed various faults for high-speed railways, metros, medical instruments, engineering machinery, aerospace, building security, elevator control, coal mines etc.

Ultimate CAN-bus tool----CANScope Analyzer Series

Powerful Analysis Software

Eye diagram analysis, FFT analysis, signal quality analysis for waveforms

Synchronous Reception and Corresponding View of Data Waveform

Unique synchronous reception and corresponding view of data waveform used for finding fault causes easily.

Oscilloscope Interface

The CANScope is integrated with a 100MHZ real-time oscilloscope which can match Baud rate automatically after startup, measure CANH, CANL and CAN difference to acquire conventional information such as bit width, amplitude, overshoot, common-mode voltage, etc. In addition, it can perform real-time FFT analysis for waveforms and separate the signals of different frequencies for the purpose of finding interference sources.

Integrated with abundant software plug-ins

Full-automatic CAN Reliability Evaluation Software

To meet requirements of automotive electronics, rail transit, aerospace and marine electronics industries, the software is integrated with signal testing, fault location, and stress reliability testing to provide one-stop solutions to all CAN problems.

Detailed troubleshooting and node calibration information

Supports vehicular DBC decoding, CANopen, J1939 protocol, state grid charging piles and BMS protocol analysis

Signal Quality Analysis Software

It is the node signal quality testing software designed for Shanghai General Motors by ZHIYUAN Electronics. The software is able to automatically score minimum voltage amplitude, maximum voltage amplitude, signal amplitude, waveform rising edge time, waveform falling edge time and signal time by analyzing the waveforms sent by the CAN nodes of each welding robot, and visually displays the signal quality of each CAN frame ID via histograms for delivery and daily maintenance.

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Compliant with CAN2.0B specification and ISO11898-1/2, and compatible with CAN2.0A

It is compliant with CAN2.0B specification and ISO11898-1/2, and compatible with CAN2.0A. Users can choose fault-tolerant CAN (low-speed CAN) or sing-wire CAN adapter to support ISO11898-3 standard.

FeaturesHigh-speed CANFault-tolerant CAN
Data link layer standardISO11898-1ISO11898-1
Physical layer standardISO11898-2ISO11898-3
Bus2 (twisted pair)2(twisted pair)
Maximum bus speed1 Mbps125kbps
Bus communication signal
Bus topological structure
Bus features

Low-costfield bus.
Highbus utilization rate.
Reliableerror processing and error-detection mechanism.
Nodeerrors have no influence on the network communication.
Themulti-master structure accesses to bus according to its priority.

Thecommunication media can be twisted-pair cables, coaxial cables or fibers.

Saferfield bus.
Savebus drive force and reduce power consumption.
Thelength of down lead is not limited any more.
Symmetricsignal transmission on a pair of leads.
Capableof detecting and processing various short circuits and interruptions.

Asymmetricdata transmission on a lead.
Vehicle applicationEngine management, main bus, bodywork electronics andpassenger comfort systemBodywork electronics, door and roof nodes, passengercomfort system and seat nodes

Troubleshooting (I)

CAN communication quality optimization for Chengdu Metro Line 2

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Troubleshooting (II)

Troubleshooting and rectification for new energy vehicles

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Troubleshooting (III)

Airport Weather Radar Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting (IV)

Charging pile troubleshooting for Power Grid

Troubleshooting (V)

CAN Communication Testing for Robot Research Institute

Troubleshooting (VI)

CAN Communication Detection for Trucks

Successful Applications

Rail Transit

Coal and Mine Industry


Marine Electronics

Automotive Electronics

Electronic Power Industry

  • Elevator Industry

  • Medical Instrument

  • Engineering Machinery