DP100 Data Acquisition Recorder

Touch screen operation, more convenient

  • 5.7-inch
    LCD touch screen
  • 0.05%
  • Up to200
    acquisition channels

Product Overview

The DP100 data acquisition recorder consists of DP100 host and high-precision data acquisition module. A single host can be embedded with 1-3 data acquisition module(s), support multi-machine cascadin


The DP100 data acquisition recorder provides user with a convenient and reliable data acquisition recorder from data acquisition,
measurement operation to storage and recording.

LCD touch screen provides more convenient operation

The DP100 data acquisition recorder is equipped with a 5.7-inch LCD touch screen. All operations and settings can be directly controlled through the screen. Users can directly view measurement results

High-precision acquisition and excellent
anti-interference capability

With up to 0.05% DC voltage measurement accuracy and excellent low temperature drift performance, analog signal acquisition module adopts a 32-bit ADC for data sampling. It can conduct synchronous sam

Dual network port design, maximally expand to 200 acquisition channels

The DP100 host is designed with dual network ports. Users can perform the cascade of multiple machines and the remote operations through Ethernet cable, flexibly increase or decrease the type and numb

Direct access via a browser, without need to download the upper computer software

The hosts of DP100 data acquisition recorder are equipped with Web servers and connected with a PC via the Ethernet interface. Users can enter the browser to access the IP address of the DP100 host to

Display multiple measurement results in real time

The acquisition channels of data acquisition module are measured independently, and users can group, measure and configure any channel. The operation interface is refreshed in real time, displaying va

Signal secondary operation and user-defined data
operation function

After the data acquisition module collects the semaphore, users can obtain the required measurement values through secondary operation such as linear scaling, Delta operation and square root operation

Sets alarm values to monitor data in real time

The DP100 can perform output or event action according to alarm occurrence and manual operation and conduct DO relay output (digital output module, digital input and output module). Each measurement channel can be maximally set with 4 alarm levels, and users can independently set the trigger type and upper and lower limit values of each alarm level. Multiple alarm levels can be flexibly combined, and the alarm state can be displayed in real time.

Flexible settings for recording every data you concern about

There are three recording options: display data, event data and display + event data. In terms of display data, the maximum value and minimum value of the data collected in the measurement period can

High-capacity data storage and data export

With high reliability design and various optional recording modes, the DP100 saves the measurement data in the memory in time. It supports more than 8G storage capacity, can continuously record measur