An Entry-level General Logic Analyzer

with Ultra-high Cost Performance

ModelsFlagship ModelDeep MemoryGeneral Model
ModelsLAB7504LAB6052LAB6022LA2832A plusLA2832ALA2532ALA2232ALA1832A plusLA1832ALA1532ALA1232ALA1016 PRO
Memory capacity (bits) )2G1G1G2G1G512M256M2G1G256M32M512K
Memory depth64M/128M(half-channel)32M32M64M32M16M8M64M32M8M1M32K
High-speed timing5GHz----------------------
Segmented memory (number of segments)------6553632768163848192655363276881921024--
Maximum timing sampling rate500MHz/1GHz(half-channel)500MHz200MHz200MHz200MHz200MHz200MHz100MHz100MHz100MHz100MHz100MHz
Maximum state sampling rate250MHz250MHz80MHz80MHz80MHz80MHz80MHz30MHz30MHz30MHz30MHz--
Input channel34CH32CH32CH32CH32CH32CH32CH32CH32CH32CH32CH16CH
Record mode------SupportedSupportedSupported--SupportedSupported----
Channel multiplexing32CH/16CH----32CH/16CH/8CH--
Compressed storageSupportedSupported--
Frequency meterSupports 2 channelsSupports 32 channels--
Logic penSupportedSupports 32 channelsSupported
External triggerSupports trigger output and inputSupports trigger output and input--
Input range-30V~+30V-30V~+30V0~+5V
Probe parameters100KΩ/15pF1MΩ/15pF500KΩ/10pF
Threshold voltage-10~+10V-6~+6V--
Power supplyDC 12V@2A(internal: positive; external: negative))DC 5V@1A(internal: positive; external: negative)--

Sampling rate of 100MHz

100MHz not only symbolizes an instrument indicator, but also means the satisfaction of the I/O signal debugging requirement for most MCUs.

16 logic channels

It integrates 16 logic channels and is able to conduct a real-time sampling rate of 100MHz.

logic channels
real-time sampling rate

Powerful trigger function

It supports prompt triggering, edge triggering, level triggering, code pattern triggering, combination triggering, delay triggering and data count triggering for helping users acquire interested logic signals.

Many protocol plug-ins

ZLGlogic comes with more than 60 protocol plug-ins. It features good protocol classification, easy searches and a clear selection of protocol plug-ins.

Learn all protocols >

ModelProtocol TypeProtocol Name
LA2832A PlusAutomotive electronicsCAN*、LIN1.3*、LIN2.0*、FlexRay*
IC interface1-WIRE*, I2C*, SPI*, SSI Interface*, UART*, universal CLK bus analysis*, SMBus 2.0, SPI Compatible, JTAG(IEEE 1149.1), QuidSPI, SDQ
Computer peripheralsCF card, USB1.1*, PS/2*
Wireless communicationManchester*, DIFF Manchester*, WIEGAND, distortional Miller coding analysis*, DigRF v4*, ISO7816
Display7-seg LED nixietube, LCD12864, LCD1602, LED Pitch Array, DALI*, DMX512*
InfraredNEC infrared transfer protocol analysis, Philips RC-5, Philips RC-6, PT2262 waveform analysis
Industrial control and automationDS1302, ModBus*, HART*, KNX, OPEN_THERM, PROFIBUS
Video, audioAC97*、I2S*、PCM、DSA Interface、AES EBU、S/PDIF
Power managementPMBus 1.1*、HDQ*、BMS
MemorySD 3.0, SDIO mode analysis of SD card, protocol analysis for SPI mode of SD card, SDMMC mode analysis of SD card, NANDFlash bus analysis, SD 2.0
OthersPCF8591 analysis, Epp communication, MDIO*

Measurement and statistics function for various parameters

By adding a label (with automatic adsorption), it can also easily conduct the measurement and statistics of time, frequency, number of pulses, duty cycle, pulse width and other parameters between any two points.

Compact and convenient, hot pluggable

It is hot pluggable and powered by USB. Outstanding portability enables debugging to take place everywhere.


Product Manual
    【Product Manual】ZLG ZHIYUAN Electronics logic analyzer introduction manual [ Download:56th, Size:9.97MB, Update:2016-04-27 ]
    【Product Introduction】LA2000A series logic analyzer user manual [ Download:26th, Size:3929KB, Update:2016-04-27 ]
Application Software
    【Application Software】ZLGLogic_V4 upper computer software [ Download:70th, Size:19.5MB, Update:2016-04-27 ]