Review of ZLG exhibition area in Shenzhen International Electronics Fair


ELEXCON Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition was successfully concluded. ZLG showed the latest industrial Internet system solutions such as automotive electronics, smart home, smart warehouse and smart transportation, and specially set up an exhibition area for high-end measurement instruments and AWorks OS operating system. The exhibition area attracts a large number of people. The following pictures show the wonderful moments on the scene.

Wonderful moment 1: a large number of visitors came to the ZLG booth, with a daily average of thousands of people.

Wonderful moment 2: the visitors exchanged ideas with our engineers and discussed industry issues together.

Wonderful moment 3: ZLG automotive electronics exhibition area shows solutions such as smart driving, vehicle body control, Internet of vehicle.

Wonderful moment 4: ZLG industrial Internet exhibition area shows smart life applications, RFID modules and wireless modules, etc.

The Shenzhen International Electronics Exhibition has been successfully concluded and ZLG looks forward to meeting you next time!