Customized oscilloscope for power supply testing

ModelsAnalog bandwidth Number of channelsSampling rate Memory depthWaveform capture rate Protocol decodingNumber of FFT analysis pointsParameter measurement statisticsFIR filter
ZDS3024200MHz42G250Mpts >150Kwfms/s30 kinds4M51 kinds Yes

Born for Power Supply Test

As a general-purpose test instrument, the oscilloscope must be designed to balance the needs of different industries. The power supply test is based on analog signals and rarely measures digital signals. In order to solve the problem of resource redundant due to using a general-purpose oscilloscope to measure a power supply, we customized a dedicated power supply test version of oscilloscope for power supply engineers to optimize the 200M bandwidth and 2G sampling rate for the power supply industry based on optimal cost and industry demand.

Customized configuration: 200M bandwidth, 2G sampling rate A

fter visiting dozens of domestic top power supply companies, we learned that the 200M bandwidth is the best choice for the power supply industry. From the point of view of instrument measurement principle, the sampling rate of above 2G is relatively redundant for the waveforms of several hundred K switching device. Therefore, we finally optimized the characteristics of all devices to the limit based on the common power supply test items with a final custom configuration of 200M bandwidth and 2G sampling rate.

Customized software: one-button power supply loop analysis

The reliability is the key to develop a switching power supply. Although engineers hope to determine whether the switching power supply is stable through loop analysis, the professional loop analyzer is so expensive that many enterprises have to quit this test. ZHIYUAN Electronics innovatively provides the oscilloscope with the power supply loop analysis function as a standard configuration so that users can use the oscilloscope to obtain the loop curve of power supply easily.

Customized software: one-key measurement for switching loss

The switching loss test of PFC MOS is a difficult point in the power supply debugging. Since the voltage and current waveforms of different cycles are not the same, and the accurate assessment of power loss is more dependent on the waveform acquired at the high sampling rate for long time, the memory depth and number of original power loss calculation points determine whether the switching loss is accurate. With the standard configuration of 250M memory depth and the full hardware acceleration process optimization, the ZDS3024 oscilloscope is able to accurately quantify the power loss of switching devices.

Customized software: SOA (Safe Operating Area) test

The switching devices often suffer high power consumption for a long time, and the over voltage or over current may cause device damage or even explosion. Although the IDM and VDS parameters are clearly marked in the device manual, the conventional debugging method cannot assess the entire operating cycle of the device. With the ZDS3024’s customized SOA measurement function, all states of the switching devices in the entire operating cycle can be accurately assessed, and the abnormal probability that the power supply exceeds the safe operating area can be given explicitly so that engineers can easily assess the stability of power supply operation.

Customized probe: self-owned current probe and high-voltage differential probe

With their leading technology, the international oscilloscope brands have always made the probe a dedicated interface. And it has become an entry for differentiated competition and a high-priced component bundled with the oscilloscope. Over the past three years, ZLG ZHIYUAN Electronics broke through the high-frequency current probe technology and high-voltage differential probe technology and fully opened all probe interfaces, so that users can freely use current probes and high-voltage differential probes on any brand or type of oscilloscope.