• Nearly 200 products, 5-10W power range coverage.
  • SIP, DIP as well as modular type and open frame type are compatible with the domestic and international products.
  • 1000VDC, 1500VDC and 3000VDC isolation.
  • Multiple input levels including 2:1, 4:1 and 7:1 ultra-wide input.
  • Excellent performance, low ripple noise, high linear and load regulation.
  • Small size, high efficiency, impact resistance, good isolation characteristics.
  • Under-voltage, over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection.
  • RoHS compliance.
  • Casing and potting material comply with UL94-V0 standard.
  • Complete low and high temperature test and aging test.

The 5-10W series isolated DC-DC power module self-developed and produced by ZHIYUAN Electronics is equipped with wide input voltage range, 1000VDC, 1500VDC and 3000VDC isolation voltage and various packages (SIP and DIP package comply with the international standard). In addition, the isolated DC-DC converter with special feature and package can be customized based on user’s specific requirements.

The 5-10W series DC-DC power module features high efficiency, wide input voltage range, small size, high reliability, impact resistance, good isolation characteristics, wide temperature range, etc., which enable it to be particularly suitable for board-level power supply, and widely used in electric power, industrial automation, telecommunication, medical treatment, transportation, building automation, instruments, automotive electronics and other industries.

Part NumberInput Voltage(V)Output Voltage(V)PackageIsolation Voltage(VDC)Output Power(W)Dimensions(mm)
ZY_UHBD-5W 9-36,18-725,9,12,15DIP1500525.40×25.40×11.70
ZY_UHBD-6W 9-36,18-725,9,12,15DIP1500632.00×20.40×11.00
ZY_UHAD-6W 9-36±5,±12,±15DIP1500632.00×20.40×11.00
ZY_UHBD-10W 9-36,18-725,12,15,24DIP15001050.80×25.40×12.70
ZY_AQBD-10W 9-63+5,+12DIP15001050.80×25.40×12.70