PWR Serials AC POWER SOURCE Maximizes interference simulation

PWR Serials AC POWER SOURCE Maximizes interference simulation

Model PhaseVoltage rangePowerOutput frequencyType
PWR1000LLinear power supply 0~150V/150-300V1kVA0.1Hz~10kHzLinear power supply
PWR2000WSingle-phase0~150V/150-300V2kVA1Hz~1kHzSwitching power supply

Maximizes interference simulation

Outputting arbitrary waveform combinations is a representative function of the signal generator, and now the PWR series AC power sources can do it. Like the signal generator, the PWR series AC power sources can number the edited waveforms, call them sequentially, and finally realize automatic operation. Furthermore, the PWR series AC power source also supports the loading of waveform data saved by power analyzers, oscilloscopes and other testing instruments, so as to truly restore the abnormal interference signals during on-site testing, which is essentially different from the traditional power sources’ function of calling waveforms and then amplifying outputs. It is a significant breakthrough for the power supply to load arbitrary waveform combination signal technology.

Output Regular Change Waveforms of Voltage and Frequency

Engineers often need to do repeat and fixed interference tests during product testing. The PWR series AC power source can increase voltage or changes frequency in three output modes. With a rich waveform library, it can easily simulate any abnormal power supply surroundings. For example, it can simulate complex power grid boost, buck and other abnormal interferences. Only if the automated interferences. Only if the automated interference simulation tests are required, the PWR series AC power source can be used.

High-performance IEC Standard Analysis

In an actual power supply environment, the supply voltages may drop temporarily or even be interrupted for a short period due to a fault of power facilities or a sudden change in load, which will affect the operation of the equipment powered by AC power sources. This requires the AC power source to be able to test the equipment in accordance with the relevant standards in IEC61000-4 to ensure that the equipment can operate

PWRController Software

The PWR series AC power source comes with the PWRControl software. Users can not only use the power output directly, but also use the software for real-time control. The waveform library plug-in makes the power source more powerful. It is combined with the graphical interface to enable more simple and practical user programming operations.

Available for System Integration

Since the PWR series AC power source may be used in the system as a built-in power source, it is equipped with external control I/O interface in addition to USB, RS-232 and GPIB interfaces. Through this interface, the power source can be not only remotely controlled via the communication interface, but also controlled by PLCs or contact switches.Therefore, the function control and status detection of power source can be performed more flexibly, which enables the power source to be most suitable for various ATE embedded power sources used in R&D and production lines.