Leading the Electronic Load into the HD Display Age

The ZEL6000 series DC programmable electronic load features high-speed and high-accuracy design architecture as well as 0.1mV/0.1mA resolution. Compared with similar products, its good stability, meticulous design, and powerful upper computer software lead to its better cost performance while making it the best choice for the power supply test.

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ZEL6000 series parameters

Basic technical parameters:

Rated value (0~40℃)Input voltage0~150V0~150V
Input current0~3A0~30A0~3A0~30A
Input power150W300W
Minimum voltage0.11V at 3A1.1V at 30A0.11V at 3A1.1V at 30A
Constant voltage mode (CV)Range0.1~18V0.1~150V0.1~18V0.1~150V
Constant current mode (CC)Range0~3A0~30A0~3A0~30A
Constant resistance mode (CR①)Range0.05~99.999Ω~999.99Ω~7500.0Ω0.05~99.999Ω~999.99Ω~7500.0Ω
Constant power mode (CW②)Range0~150W0~300W
Dynamic mode (CC mode)
Rising/falling slope ③0.0001~0.2A/us0.001~1.5A/us0.0001~0.2A/us0.001~1.5A/us
Minimum rising time ④10us10us
Measurement range
Voltage readback valueRange0~18V0~150V0~18V0~150V
Current readback valueRange0~3A0~30A0~3A0~30A
Power readback valueRange0~150W0~300W
Protection range
Overpower protection (OPP)160W320W
Overcurrent protection (OCP)3.3A33A3.3A33A
Overvoltage protection (OVP)155V155V
Overtemperature protection (OTP)85℃85℃
Short circuitCurrent(CC)3.3/3A33/30A3.3/3A33/30A
Input impedance150KΩ150KΩ


① Voltage/current input value is not less than 10% FS (FS means full scale).

② Voltage/current input value is not less than 10% FS.

③ Rising/falling slope: From 0 to the maximum current, the current value is changed from 10% to 90%.

④ Minimum rising time: 10% to 90% of the current rising time.

Supplementary Parameters:

ItemsMinimum valueTypical valueMaximum valueUnit
Storage capacity100Set
Recommended calibration frequency1time/year
Triggering terminal input and outputLow level-0.500.8V
High level2.73.312V
AC input110VRange100110120V
Rated input power30VA
Current monitoring(I_Monitor)conversion rate0.2V/A
Current monitoring(I_Monitor)error0.53%
Operating ambient temperature040
Storage ambient temperature-2070
Operating ambient humidity80%
ZEL6011150V30A150W0.1 mA±(0.05% + 0.05%FS)RS2322U
0.1 mV±(0.025% + 0.025%FS)
ZEL6021150V30A300W0.1 mA±(0.05% + 0.05%FS)RS2322U
0.1 mV±(0.025% + 0.025%FS)

HD VFD dot-matrix display

The ZEL6000 innovatively uses a self-emitting, wide-angle view, and high-luminance VFD dot-matrix display. This guarantees that the display will be clear and stable within the entire temperature range.

Voltage measurement resolution: 0.1mV; Current: 0.1mA

The ZEL6000 adopts a high-speed/high-accuracy ADC and DAC, realizing the synchronous sampling of the voltage and current. This makes the 0.1mV/0.1mA high resolution more authentic while guaranteeing that it meets the test requirements for the majority of power supplies.

Four basic operation modes

The ZEL6000 has CV, CC, CR, and CW functions. This helps users conduct relevant parameter tests quickly and easily.

Up to 10KHz effective dynamic test rate

The ZEL6000 comes with a real dynamic test rate of 10KHz; three control modes (e.g. continuous, pulse, and toggling control); and a linear adjustable frequency/duty cycle and optional trigger modes. Its constant current and rising/falling slope control enable square, triangular, trapezoidal waves of different frequencies and duty cycles to be realized easily.

List test function

With 50μs single-step simulation time, the ZEL6000 can simulate any waveform less than 5KHz and can support 7 list files. Each file can be edited for 84 steps, during which the load time can be set and the edge can be edited to meet the requirements of the majority of waveform simulations.

Automatic test function

The ZEL6000 provides 10 test files, each of which has 10 groups of test data. Any file can be connected randomly. It is easy to check edits made at each step, so that programming is not excessively complicated and the production test is greatly facilitated.

Battery discharge test function

The ZEL6000 provides 10 test files and can program a discharging current. The conditions to stop discharge include discharging time, discharging quantity, and minimum voltage. The discharge will stop upon meeting one of the above conditions. The discharging time and quantity are displayed in real time.

OCP and OPP test functions

The ZEL6000 provides OCP and OPP test functions for helping user measure overcurrent points and overpower points directly and determine the “PASS/FAIL” status of the product.

Constant voltage loading/unloading function

The constant voltage loading function of the ZEL6000 enables its automatic detection of voltage. When voltage rises or falls to the set voltage, the electronic load is able to automatically load/unload, ensuring the normal operation of the power supply to be measured while greatly facilitating the test of a similar power source.

Voltage rising/falling time measurement

The ZEL6000 has functions to measure the voltage rising/falling time. Users can set voltage V1 and V2. The electronic load is able to automatically measure the time when V1 rises/falls to V2 of power supply to be measured. The time is accurate within 0.1ms.

Software protection function and hardware power protection

The ZEL6000 has reverse voltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, overpower, and overtemperature protection measures to comprehensively protect load and the power supply to be measured.

Upper computer control

The powerful upper computer software features a user-friendly design that is easy to use, stable, and reliable. It can conduct various complicated power supply tests; and support the real-time display of voltage, current, resistance, and power. Moreover, it can display voltage and current in a trend graph, which has powerful functions, supports zooming by dragging, facilitates the operation of the electronic load on the computer, and enables a more intelligent electronic load.


Product Manual
【Product Manual】ZEL6000 Series DC Programmable ELectronic Load Introduction [ Download:9th, Size:8.46MB, Update:2016-11-16 ]
【Product Manual】ZEL6000 series DC programmable electronic load manual(en) [ Download:8th, Size:2729KB, Update:2016-11-01 ]
User Manual
【User Manual】ZEL6000 series electronic load user manual [ Download:9th, Size:5.43MB, Update:2016-04-27 ]
Development Library
【Development Library】ZEL6000 series communication library v50818 [ Download:2th, Size:882KB, Update:2016-04-27 ]
【Development Library】ZEL6000 series_Demo (C# Routines) [ Download:3th, Size:61KB, Update:2016-04-27 ]
【Development Library】ZEL6000 series _Demo(labview Routines) [ Download:2th, Size:37KB, Update:2016-04-27 ]
【Development Library】ZEL6000 series _Demo(VB Routines) [ Download:3th, Size:18KB, Update:2016-04-27 ]
Application Software
【Application Software】ZEL6000 upper computer control software [ Download:14th, Size:5.81MB, Update:2016-04-27 ]