• Maximum output current: 2000mA.
  • Supports dual output.
  • Output accuracy: ±2% typical.
  • Operating temperature: -40℃~+85℃.
  • No heat sink required.
  • Short circuit protection (automatic recovery).
  • Overheat protection: +150℃ overheat protection.
  • SIP package and industry standard pin-out.
  • Pin-out is compatible with LM78xx or LM79xx series.
  • Casing and potting material comply with UL94-V0 standard.

The non-isolated series DC-DC power module is equipped with switching-mode voltage regulation, and its pin-out is compatible with the traditional LM78xx linear regulators. It features wide input voltage range, low ripple noise, low quiescent dissipation, small size, high conversion efficiency, simple application, stability and reliability, which can provide high-current power supply for load with high-efficiency and stability. It is the ideal product for high-current power supply, battery power supply and front-end system power supply within the circuit board.

The main electrical characteristics of non-isolated DC-DC power module from ZHIYUAN Electronics are better than the traditional linear regulator IC, especially in terms of high conversion efficiency and excellent dynamic response performance. In addition, it supports negative output and short circuit protection, which can be widely used in electric power, industrial automation, telecommunication, medical treatment, transportation, building automation, instruments, automotive electronics and other industries.

Part NumberInput Voltage(VDC)Output Voltage(VDC)Operating temperaturePackageDimensions(mm)