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On-line Power Quality Monitoring Device
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  1. Application of the Power Quality On-line Monitoring System in Yunnan Power Company
    The Yunnan Power Company of the China Southern Power Grid Company has deeply implemented the national strategic deployment of new-type urbanization deployment and expedited the promotion of urban and rural green power grid construction. To improve the power quality of the grid as well as guarantee safe and economic operation of the power system, the Yunnan Power Company worked with ZHIYUAN Electronics to carry out the “Yunnan Power Quality On-line Monitoring Demonstration Project”.
  2. Application in Smart Power Grid Construction Field
    Smart power grids are constructed on the basis of integrated, high-speed bidirectional communication networks. Through advanced sensing and measuring technology, the electric power that can meet the demands of 21st century users is provided. This allows access to electrical energy in varied generation forms, and requires comprehensive monitoring and analysis of these different forms.
  3. Application in Regional Power Quality Monitoring
    As the construction of strong smart grid is expedited, the scale of power systems is continuously expanding. Nonlinear, impact and unbalanced loads are increasing, and the caused power quality problems are increasingly severe. Regional large-scale power quality monitoring is a perennial research hotspot in the power system field.
  4. Application in PV Field
    China Southern Power Grid Company plans to construct a 35MWp grid-connection PV power station in Shunde District, Foshan City to achieve solar PV power generation and grid connection. With outstanding performance, the E8000 power quality on-line monitoring device manufactured by ZHIYUAN Electronics will provide an overall guarantee for the power quality monitoring before grid connection for this project.