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  1. Analysis on the Problem of Defective Products Increasing Caused by Spot Welder Pseudo Soldering
    The spot welder exhibits the electrical energy characteristics of quick load changes, large impact current, short duration and low power factor. Reducing the impact of these characteristics on power system has become a problem that the automobile manufacturing industry and other industries must solve urgently.
  2. Analysis on the Problem of Intermediate-Frequency Furnace and Power Distribution Cabinet Power Factor Failure to Meet Standards
    With the advantages of easy maintenance, simple and reliable operation and quick smelting, the intermediate-frequency furnace is widely used in foundry production. However, the furnace is likely to bring out the inherent characteristic of low power factor during usage, leading to power utilization penalties and increasing production costs.
  3. Analysis of Power Distribution Cabinet Tripping in Coal Mining Industry
    Coal is the main source of energy in China. Safe production in coal mine is related to the sustainable development of the coal industry and national energy security, and also to the safety of millions of miners and physical assets. Xinwen Mining Group is the largest subsidiary of Shandong Energy Group. To fully guarantee power utilization safety and efficiency in the mine area, Xinwen works hand in hand with ZHIYUAN Electronics and uses E6000 Power Quality Analyzer provided by ZHIYUAN Electronics to carry out comprehensive evaluation and management of the power supply quality in the mine area and make a general survey of hidden hazards in the power supply system.
  4. Analysis on the Problem of Electrical Equipment Burnout Caused by Three-phase Unbalance
    When operating with an asymmetrical three-phase load, a generator will cause the rotor to consume additional energy and generate heat, leading to overall or local temperature increase in the motor, and causing the inverse magnetic field to generate additional torque which will result in motor vibration and the generation of three-phase unbalance.
  5. Analysis of Capacitance Burnout Frequently in Power Distribution Cabinet for Injection Molding Enterprise
    The appearance of converters has brought innovation to industrial automation control and motor energy conservation. However, converters have also brought the disturbance of harmonic pollution. A converter is mainly composed of two parts: an inverter and a rectifier. The basic reason that causes electrical energy pollution generated by convert is the inverter. At the same time, the rectifier is liable to generate harmonics during operation.