Over the past 15 years, Guangzhou ZHIYUAN Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as ZHIYUAN Electronics) has committed itself in the electronics industry to adhering to the customer-oriented principle and making continuous innovation on the basis of the customers’ demands, and has widely won respect and trust from customers. Today, our industrial control equipments, communication equipments, power supply products, as well as testing and analyzing equipments have been widely used in the national pillar industries such as industrial automation, energy, power electronics, rail transportation and medical treatment.

As a leading provider of domestically-leading industrial Internet system solutions, we have provided our customers with competitive system-level solutions and services, ranging from data acquisition to communication network, control implementation to testing & analyzing, and helped them to achieve success in this age of industrial Internet era. We adhere to focused strategy and commit to sustained R&D in the fields of high-accuracy data acquisition, high-bandwidth signal processing, wireless communication, field bus and embedded control, etc. Our innovation is driven by the customer’s demands and the cutting-edge technologies, which have helped our company to keep its leading position in the industry. Each year, the R&D investment accounts for more than 20% of our sales revenue. With a team consisting of nearly 500 members, more than 55% of the employees are engaged in innovation, research and development. ZHIYUAN Electronics holds a core position in a number of organizations of standardization and has scored 92 patent applications.

We are firmly convinced that the future will be a smarter world and that ZHIYUAN Electronics will collaborate with our partners and strive to build more efficient and integrated systems, pushing forward the progress of Industry 4.0 in China as well as the overall development of the world. We believe that we are making a world of difference.

Qualification &Honor

The registered capital of ZHIYUAN Electronics is 50,000,000RMB. It is officially recognized as the National High-tech Enterprise, which is also the major enterprise supported by Guangzhou Tianhe Software Park (National Software Park). We sincerely thank the customers for accompanying us in the development of ZHIYUAN Electronics.