• ZLG Cloud Platform

    Open IoT cloud platform provides a one-stop solution to address the core needs of users

The vision of ZHIYUAN Electronics is to become the leading enterprise of industrial IoT ecosystem. ZHIYUAN Electronics designs high-value-added modules, board cards and high-end measurement instruments with “Chip + AWorks Software Platform”, accesses ZWS IoT cloud via wired and wireless interfaces, processes big data and forms the industrial intelligent IoT ecosystem. ZWS IoT cloud platform supports fast access of devices with multiple protocols, data transparent transmission and forwarding, complete secondary development package, full privatization deployment, and provides a full-featured back-end MIS system for unified device management, providing a one-stop solution to meet the core needs of users.

  • Standard open interface
    supports faster access of devices

  • A full-featured back-end MIS system
    facilitates visual and unified device management

  • Data transparent transmission and forwarding of cloud device
    seamlessly connects with the third-party business system

  • Complete secondary development package support
    greatly improves the development efficiency of applications

  • Intelligent big data processing system
    provides data support for strategic decision

  • Independent core technology development
    supports full privatization deployment

Cloud Platform System Framework

Cloud Platform Technology Solution

IoT Cloud console system for equipment management and monitoring

IoT cloud switch realizes point-to-point data transparent transmission and easily connects to the third-party business system

IoT cloud interface and development kit easily achieve secondary development

ZLG Cloud-API Gateway Interface

Provides user management, device management, and data management function for big data analysis and processing

The big data processing and machine learning system of cloud platform provides data support for strategic decision

Supports privatization deployment with higher security and privacy