• Committed to providing ultimate products and services for the development of CAN-bus in the world

    Building a CAN bus security system

CAN-bus Leading Brand in China, building a CAN bus security system

Wide range of applications, stable and reliable

Widely used in rail transit, medical, aerospace, building security and other industries

Ultra-large buffer, no frame loss

Leading technology achieves an ultra-large130,000 frame buffer, ensuring no frame loss and the integrity of test data

Rich protocol and decoding analysis

Supports mainstream CAN-bus and new energy vehicle protocol analysis, making decoding and analysis work in one step

Multi-channel testing, in-depth analysis

Synchronously monitors and collects multi-channel CAN bus data, realizing error trace and in-depth diagnosis

High-quality technical service

Supports mainstream development environments such as LINUX and Labview to achieve seamless switching between different interfaces

Seamless switching between development environments

Fully complies with CAN-bus international standard specifications