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CAN Fiber Converter Hub Series

The CANHub-AFxSx fiber CAN converter/hub series is equipped with 1-2 fiber interfaces and 1-2 electrical isolation twisted-pair interfaces. It can receive/transmit data between 2-4 independent CANs/fiber networks with different speed, filter unnecessary CAN information to reduce the subnet load, and transmit messages between subnets as the CAN router.

The intelligent fiber CAN converter/hub can improve the topological structure of the CAN network, lengthen communication distance and increase networking nodes. The fiber CAN interfaces enable it to be applied to high-interference environments and the twisted-pair CAN channels enable it to be adapted to the Baud rate function of the corresponding network.

Product Selection

Supply   voltage9-26V 600mA9-26V  400mA
CAN  channels2  channels1  channel
CAN  Baud rate5K-1Mbps5K-1Mbps
Fiber  channels2-channels  single-mode fiber SC connector1-channel  single-mode fiber SC connector
Fiber  Baud rate5K-800kbps5K-800kbps
 Set the baud rate independently for each  channel
Configuration  interfaceRS232RS232
Electrical  isolation
Industrial  grade
Message  forwarding capability6000  frames/second (each channel)6000  frames/second (each channel)
Message  forwarding methodsave  and forwardsave  and forward
Forwarding  delay<3ms<3ms
Lengthen  communication distance
Cascade  connection
120ohm  terminal resistorBuilt-in  and enablingBuilt-in  and enabling
Installation  methodPositioning-holePositioning-hole

Stable, Reliable and Widely Applicable

The CAN fiber converter/hub series product has been proven to be reliable and stable bystringent verification, and has been widely used in high-speed railways, metros, coal mines, medical treatment, aerospace, building security, elevator control for distance extension, topological structure improvement and interference isolation.

Fiber interfaces help you to completely isolate any interference.

The fiber interfaces help you to completely isolate any interference and prevent lighting surge from being transmitted via CAN bus.

Support ring redundancy structure to achieve fault self-recovery

The Baud rate of each channel can be set at random.

The Baud rate of each channel can be set at random in the range of 5Kbps~1Mbps. The unlimited cascade connection can achieve ultra-long distance communication.

Powerful routing and ID filtering function can effectively control the bus load

CAN protocol is fully compliant with CAN2.0B specification

The CAN protocol is fully compliant with CAN2.0B specification and ISO 11898-1/2/3, and compatible with CAN2.0A.

Networking Devices Recommended by SIEMENS Fire Monitoring System

The connection between CANHUB-AF2S2 and SIEMENS fire monitoring host is shown as follows:

Configuration Software

1.When configuring the CAN fiber converter/hub, users only need to correctly set channel Baud rate. The filtering setting should only be used as needed. The following figure shows that a certain 50kbps bus is lengthened to 1600m from 800m and only CAN1, fiber 1 and fiber 2 are allowed to communicate each other. Since the twisted-pair cable 1/2 are used when the fiber transmission delay occurs, the CAN transmission distance can be doubled at the same Baud rate due to using the fiber.

2.The configuration software can monitor the CAN operating status, and obtain bus errors in real time to help the field operators to determine the fault cause.