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CANopen Master Card Series

Guangzhou ZHIYUAN Electronics, a member of CANopen CiA, has long dedicated itself to the R&D of CANopen products. To date, it has independently developed CANopen master devices, master interface cards, data acquisition modules, controllers, gateway devices, and bus analyzers, all of which have passed CANopen conformance testing. In addition, all products can be customized.

The PCI-5010-P and USBCAN-E-P master cards are integrated with 1 CAN channel and can be connected with CAN bus to realize data communication of the CANopen protocol. The CAN channel of the interface card is integrated with comprehensive electrical isolation protection, an anti-surge function, and anti-interference function. Meanwhile, it is stable in performance and reliable in communication. In addition, the master cards provide powerful software support, including a CANopen function library, CANopen testing software...

Product Selection

Actual image
CANopen channel1 channel1 channel
Interface typeDB9 terminalOPEN5 terminal
Industrial grade
Electrical isolation
Windows system driveSupportedSupported
Linux system drive--
CANopen slave number6432
EDS file download
Modification and download of slave object dictionary
NMT network management
Emergency messages support
Supported RPDO number128128
Supported TPDO number512512
PDO and SDO transmissionSupportedSupported
Concurrent CAN data link layer monitoringSupported-
120 ohm terminal resistorBuilt-inExternal

CANopen Network Management Device: Stable, Reliable, and Widely Applicable

The CANopen network management device has been proven as reliable and stable by stringent verification measures and thus has been widely applied to high-speed railways, metros, medical treatment, wind power generation, frequency converters, elevator controls, and more.

CANopen Protocol: Fully Compliant with CiA Specifications

ZHIYUAN Electronics is a member of CiA. The CANopen protocol is fully compliant with CiA specifications and has been certified by conformance testing software.

Support for Various Functions

Supports EDS files download, online modification of slave object dictionary, NMT management, SDO and PDO transmitting and receiving.

130,000-frame Super Buffer with No Frame Loss

Features high performance with full-load reception at any Baud rate and 130,000-frame super buffer with no frame loss as its top priority

CAN Baud Rate Can Be Set at Random Within 1Mbps

The CAN Baud rate can be set at random from 5kbps to 1Mbps.

Support for Upgrading Firmware of the NXP LPC11Cxx-series CANbus

The USBCAN-E-P supports upgrading firmware of the NXP LPC11Cxx-series CANbus.

2-Channel 2,500 VDC Electrical Isolation

2-channel CAN interface with 2,500 VDC electrical isolation and ±8 kV electrostatic discharge.

Support for Various Development Environments

It has effective and easy-to-use secondary development function and supports various development environments, such as VC, C#, LabView, Linux, etc.

Powerful CANopen network management software: CANManager for CANopen

1.Search slaves and find out all slaves on the bus;

2.Import EDS files of the corresponding slaves and add the slaves manually;

3.On management software, perform PDO data transceiving for the added

4.Users can configure the slaves and add or modify PDO mapping and transmission parameters of the slaves;

5.Users can check the object dictionary of the slaves directly in “Advanced Settings” and transmit SDO for modification;

6.Support CAN ISP upgrade firmware of the NXP LPC11Cxx series.

Secondary Development Function Library

All CANopen master cards from ZHIYUAN Electronics share the same PC secondary development function library (supporting major development environments like VC, VB, C#, LabView, LabWindows, and Delphi 7), and users can freely switch interfaces just by modifying device types.