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High-performance RS232/485/422-to-CAN Device

The RS232/485/422 communication device can be rapidly connected to the on-site CAN-bus to complete bidirectional communication by the CANCOM-100IE triple industrial-grade smart protocol converter. The converter supports 600-230400bps serial port speed and 5Kbps-1Mbps of CAN-bus communication speed.It provides three data conversion modes: transparent conversion, transparent mark-borne conversion and format conversion. With the industrial-grade design, the CAN interface is equipped with a magnetic coupling isolation module which can avoid ground circulation damage and has such powerful antistatic and anti-surge function that it is still usable in extreme environments.

Product Selection

FeaturesMetal housingEmbedded module and subminiature chipencapsulationEmbedded module and subminiature chipencapsulationEmbedded module and subminiature chipencapsulation
Supply voltage9-26V5V3.3V5V
CAN channels1 channel111
CAN Baud rate5K-1Mbps5K-1Mbps5K-1Mbps5K-1Mbps
Serial portsRS232/485/422 software selectionTTL level UARTTTL level UARTTTL level UART
Baud rate of serial ports600-230400bps600-115200bps600-115200bps600-115200bps
Configured interfaceRS232 incommon useUARTUARTUART
Electrical isolation
Industrial grade
Data reception capability (each channel)1200 frames/second1200 frames/second1200 frames/second1200 frames/second
Data transmission capability (eachchannel)1200 frames/second1200 frames/second1200 frames/second1200 frames/second
Interface card format conversionsupported---
Transparent conversionsupportedsupportedsupportedsupported
Transparent mark-borne conversionsupportedsupportedsupportedsupported
User-defined packet head and end---supported
120ohm terminal resistorexternalexternalexternalexternal

Stable, Reliable and Widely Applicable

The CANCOM-100IE and the CSM100 series have been proven to be reliable and stable by stringent verification, and they have been widely applied to high-speed railways, metros, medical treatment, aerospace, building security, elevator control, weighing apparatus, etc.

Operating CAN-bus is as easy as operating serial ports

You don’t need to know anything about Can-bus, because operating CAN-bus is as easy as operating serial ports.

CAN Baud Rate Can Be Set at Random within 1Mbps

CAN Baud rate can be set at random in the range of 5kbps to 1Mbps.

The CANCOM-100IE Supports RS-232/485/422 Serial Communication

Being integrated with 1-channel 3-wire RS-232 communication interface, 1-channel 2-wire RS-485 communication interface and 1-channel 4-wire RS-422 communication interface, and operating modes of the converter can be set by configuration software. Communication speed can be set between 600bps and 230400bps.

Compliant with CAN2.0B Specification

CAN protocol is fully compliant with CAN2.0B specification and ISO11898-1/2 and compatible with CAN2.0A. Users can choose CANBridge-1054 to support the fault-tolerant CAN standard of ISO11898-3.

2-channel 2500V DC Electrical Isolation

2-channel 2500V DC electrical isolation CAN interface with ±8KV electrostatic discharge can be used in environments of anti-explosion requirements.

Embedded Function Module CSM100 is Provided.

The embedded function module CSM100 is provided for embedding into devices with ease.

Configuration Software

Conversion parameters: configure the conversion mode, conversion direction, forwarding information and forwarding rules.

Serial port parameters: Configure parameters such as serial-port Baud rate, and conversion mode (RS232/485/422).

CAN parameters: Configure CAN Baud rate, frame type, frame filtering (selective receiving)