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CANopen Slave Protocol Stack Module Series

The XGate-COP10/20 series embedded CANopen slave module is developed by Guangzhou ZHIYUAN Electronics Stock Co., Ltd. with proprietary intellectual property rights. It has been integrated with CANopen slave protocol stack codes inside, so users do not need any secondary development. The protocol stack is compliant with specifications of CANopen protocol description documents DS301, DS302, DS303, and DS305. By default, the CANopen slave may start using the predefined connections and support parameter storage.

The XGate-COP10 module is suitable for any system that comes with serial-port communication capabilities. Its communication can be realized once the simple serial-port communication protocol is used. It also provides the serial-port communication protocol standard C file...

Product Selection

ModelXGate-COP10 (recommended)
Actual image
Operation protocol stack portUART serial port
CANopen channel1 channel
Package typeDIP-24
Industrial grade
Supply voltage5V
IO port voltage3.3V
Maximum TPDO configurations12
Maximum RPDO configurations12
Data transmitting switching area (TPDO mapping)96bytes
Data receiving switching area (RPDO mapping)96bytes
SDO server transceivingSupported
Node boot up/ stop/ pre-operationSupported
Node    guarding/life guardingSupported
Heartbeat producerSupported
Emergency message objectsSupported
Sync message objectsSupported
Network configuration objects (LSS slave)Supported
CAN Baud rate10K~1Mbps
Baud rate of serial ports1,200– 115,200bps (230,400bps customizable)

All Slave Modules Provide Standard EDS Files

ZHIYUAN Electronics is a CiA member and CANopen protocols of its products are fully compliant with CiA specifications and approved by conformance testing software. All slave modules provide standard EDS files.

Realizing XGate-COP10 Communication via Simple Serial-Port Communication Protocol

The XGate-COP10 communication module is a simple and convenient CANopen slave module, with a firm CANopen slave protocol stack inside. Its communication can be easily realized by a simple serial-port communication protocol from ZHIYUAN Electronics (see below).

It is an XGate-COP10 evaluation board as shown in the figure. Users can operate the module directly via the RS232. The CTM8251T is a CAN transceiver module with 2,500VDC electrical isolation from ZHIYUAN Electronics.

The network structure of the CANopen device using the XGate-COP10 design is shown below, and various CANopen slaves can be easily controlled via a CANopen master device.

Stable, Reliable, and Widely Applicable

The XGate-COP10 module has been proven reliable and stable by stringent verification measures. To date, it has been widely applied to high-speed rails, metros, medical treatment, wind power generation, frequency converters, elevator controls, etc.

CAN Interface with 2,500 VDC Electrical Isolation

Designed according to the ZHIYUAN-recommended CAN transceiving circuit, the CAN interface is equipped with 2,500 VDC electrical isolation and ±8 kV electrostatic discharge.

Provides Comprehensive Schematic Diagrams, PCB, and Operation Routines

This provides comprehensive schematic diagrams, PCB, and operation routines for user convenience in the design of reliable circuits and programs.

Provides Module CANopen Resource Customization Service

The provided module CANopen resource customization service can help customers alter any content in the object dictionary of resource mapping and others in the module, and generate EDS files. In addition, it helps to keep users worry-free about CANopen maintenance. It can be completed in five weekdays and any CANopen network may be quickly accessed.

Helps Customers Receive Formal CANopen Vendor-ID

This helps customers join in CiA and get formal CANopen vendor-ID.

Provides a Full-set of Debugging Software

1. XGate-COP10 serial-port testing software, via which testing can be performed with PC serial ports directly.

2. On CANManager for CANopen management software, the CANopen master card USBCAN-E-P or PCI-5010-P can be used to conduct EDS file import, object dictionary configuration as well as SDO and PDO data transmission from CANopen terminal to the slave.

Introduction of Module Operation Commands

The XGate-series module is equivalent to dual-port RAM and can easily achieve CANopen protocol functions via data exchange:

XGate-COP10 serial-port operation commands

  • Read device information (Command code: 0x01)
  • Write device information (Command code: 0x02)
  • Write data into XGate-COP10 input buffer (Command code: 0x10)
  • Read data from XGate-COP10 output buffer (Command code: 0x11)
  • Read and write NodeID of XGate-COP10 (Command code: 0x12)
  • Read and write baud rate index value of XGate-COP10 (Command code: 0x13)
  • Read and write time parameters of XGate-COP10 CAN controller (Command code: 0x14)
  • Transmit emergency code (Command code: 0x15)
  • Read current module status (Command code: 0x16)
  • Boot up nodes into operating status(Command code: 0x17)
  • Modify baud rate of communication serial ports (Command code: 0x18)
  • Network time stamp object consuming Time_stamp (Command code: 0x19)