• Network Management Service Objects (NMT: Boot-up, Node guarding/life guarding, and Heartbeat producer); 
  • Process Date Objects: 12 TPDO and 12 RPDO;
  • Support for service data objects (SDO server);
  • Support for emergency message objects (Emergency);
  • Support for sync message objects (Sync);
  • Support for network configuration objects (LSS slave);
  • Support for network time consuming;
  • Baud rates of serial ports at 1,200bps – 115,200bps or 230,400bps for customization;
  • Serial-port communication capability (Uart and TTL level);
  • IO data buffer of each 96 bytes;
  • Support for the dial switch setting slave number (1-127) and CAN baud rates (10kbps, 20kbps, 50kbps, 100kbps, 125kbps, 250kbps, 500kbps, 800kbps, and 1,000kbps);
  • The maximum CAN-to-UART conversion time: 1ms;
  • The maximum UART-to-CAN conversion time: 2ms;
  • Dimensions: 32mm x 20.4mm x 11mm (DIP24 package);
  • Operating voltage/current: +5V/80mA;
  • IO port voltage: 3.3 V;
  • Operating and storage temperature: -40℃ – 85℃.

The figure shows pin size (length by width by height: 32 x 20.4 x 11 mm, unit: mm) of the XGate-COP10 series module.

Pin Specifications

1GNDPower ground24VccPower input (5V)
2/RstReset, active LOW23CAN-RCAN receiving
3Uart1-TCommunication serial-port transmitting22CAN-TCAN transmitting
4Uart1-RCommunication serial-port receiving21ID0 (LSB)NodeID input 0
5Uart0-TDebugging/upgrading serial-port transmitting20ID1NodeID input 1
6Uart0-RDebugging/upgrading serial-port receiving19ID2NodeID input 2
7/INTPin interrupt18ID3NodeID input 3
8Brt0 (LSB)Baud rate setting pin 017ID4NodeID input4
9Brt1Baud rate setting pin 116ID5NodeID input 5
10Brt2Baud rate setting pin 215ID6(MSB)NodeID input 6
11Brt3(MSB)Baud rate setting pin 314ELedError indicator (red)
12/ISP-ENUpgrading for enabling, active LOW13RLedRun indicator (green)